Xenia Moseley (Designer & Thinker & Maker)

In this episode I chat to Xenia Moseley, a London-based designer, thinker, and maker. She's was named one of the UK's five freshest talents by the Independent for socially useful design. And for the last few years she's been combining her interest in people with her passion for creating things.

In Summer 2016 I met her in her workshop in Peckham, South London. We chatted for a few hours about the past, the future, biographical objects, and sustainable design.

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Check out her work at xeniamoseley.co.uk and follow her exploits on Twitter at @xeniamo

She was part of The Great Recovery, a project run by the RSA and supported by Innovate UK. It looked at the challenges of waste and the opportunities of a circular economy through the lens of design.

She's been working with Smile Plastics. A company that makes specialist handmade objects from recycled plastics.

You can see the images, videos, and text from the Journeywoman project here: http://journeywoman.co.uk/

And this is Year Here where she spent a year testing and building solutions to some of society's toughest problems.