Alice Blogg (Designer & Maker)

Alice Blogg is a Dorset based furniture designer and maker. She pairs a purity of design with comfort and practicality to create a range of bespoke furniture and kitchens.

In Spring 2016 I drove down to her workshop in Bridport, Dorset in the South West of England. We chatted for a few hours about her life, work, and approach to creativity. 

I was so inspired driving back to London. Here are a couple of insights that were sloshing around in my head after chatting with Alice:

  • Her work will potentially last for hundreds of years. This demands a totally different mindset for making. How can we think longer instead of bigger?
  • Paid client work is essential to drive forward your creative practice. But you need to balance that with free play and creative exploration.
  • We're all products of our parents and environments. We can choose to examine and embrace that, or reject it.
  • Quitting boring office jobs is generally always a good thing.

Check out her amazing evolving work on and her beautiful Instagram and Twitter feeds.

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